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  • Pastor Andrey Shapovalov
    Pastor Andrey Shapovalov "A Place for Sons" (04/14/24)

    It is no secret to anyone here what season we are in, we are in the season of entering Sonship and the Atmosphere of the Throne Room.

Pastor Andrey Shapovalov "The Battle of Your Essence" (03/31/24)

“Battle of your essence”
Pastor Andrey Shapovalov


Today I wish to explain why the church lose it's battles and what must happen for us to enter into the complete victory of Christ.

We need to understand how the spiritual world works in the realm of spiritual warfare. There, battles are not fought like on earth, someone decided to seize a piece of land and he is trying to take it, then someone else came and wanted to take away the same piece of land again, in the spiritual world battles are fought by essence and identity.

The Essence (identity) of Lucifer collides with the Essence of God and Lucifer loses the battle and was legally discarded.
Lucifer cannot dispute this or make a rebellion again, no, everything has already been decided and nothing can be changed. There will be no repeat attempt to capture Heaven.

Let's look at the two most powerful battles in the universe, the first is the battle when man fell and the second when the prince of this world fell. Please note that there were no actual battles in either one or the other. But there was a legal clash of Identities

In order for Satan to become the prince of this world, it took manipulation and lies to take the rights and now he does not need to do much, he has legally become a prince, and we are the surviving substance.
Through disobedience to the Word of God, we legally lost, losing our essence and identity as the Sons of God and began to live in the aftermath of the loss, that is, in damnation.

Notice that God did not snap His fingers and send legions of angels to fight for man and defeat Satan, no, the battle was legally lost by human. And it can only be won legally and only by a human. This is why God became fully human, because Satan would have disputed this, but since Jesus was 100% human, Satan had no arguments.

Jesus, through the human body, legally entered into His identity as Savior and Redeemer by shedding His human Holy and Sinless Blood and now through the washing of His Blood we enter into His Identity and His Essence as the Sons of God.
It is for this reason that there is no other Name and no other door than through the Blood of Christ.

The essence of Christ is in you.

We defeat Satan only by putting on the legal identity of Jesus Christ.
Man has to give up his name and identity, because we are bought by The Blood and Your Essence is Christ.

My goal and yours is not to survive every day, but to enter into your essence of victory in Christ and live in victory and from victory until the end of our days.

No demon disputes this or tries to challenge it, but quietly submits, to The Name of Jesus.

Haven't you asked the question, why when we cast out demons in the Name of Jesus Christ, they come out? After all, if you think about it, the demons may not come out and you physically won’t be able to squeeze them out of people, right?

But they come out screaming, because this is a battle of the Essence of the Son who legally defeated Satan, and at this moment they must submit to your Essence of the Son of God, since you are dressed in Christ and in His Essence.

Understand, that our weapon of victory awaits us in our Essence and Identity of Christ.

The reason for our constant defeat is only because we are trying to fight the devil from our human essence, and the devil can only be defeated by Christ Identity, and for this we simply need to dwell in His Glory and Atmosphere.

Total Victory is only possible by Jesus Christ Essence and Identity.

You cannot be 50% Andrey and 50% Christ, precisely for this reason, you must “die” to yourself, because the Spiritual World legally recognizes only the Christ.

That's why Satan fights so hard to keep the people in an unconsecrated unsold state, because that's the only way he can survive.
But I know a new generation is rising up who are dead to themselves and totally sold to Christ.

This is precisely why the easy Gospel is now being sold, without death and dedication, because those people will never be able, to defeat the prince of darkness.

If I want to win, there should be no more me, only Christ!
The question is, do you fight Satan as a human or as Christ?

By keeping you from total death to yourself, Satan maintains his position of power.

Because the essence of human is a looser and is unable to resist Satan.
The essence of Christ Victory over darkness and satan.

Paul said: It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me!

(Matthew 16:24-25) ²⁴ Then Jesus said to His disciples: “If anyone wants to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me, ²⁵ for whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.


May our Heavenly Father Bless you!



“Battle Of Your Essence” 90M

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