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THE G12 VISION (English)
2016-01-07, 1:38 AM


    He appointed twelve, that they might be with him, and that he might send them forth (Mark 3:14)

G12 is a vision for discipleship

    Jesus said, "Make disciples" (See Matthew 28:1920). He did not just tell us to evangelize or to get decisions. In the ministry of Open Eyes Mission, people who accept the Gospel and believe are discipled. They are taught, shaped and formed into the image of Jesus.

G12 is a vision for cells

    Cells are small groups of people who meet together weekly in order to disciple each other and reach out to those who do not know Christ.

    The G12 vision facilitates the multiplication of cell groups, the training of new leaders and the discipleship of every member of the body of Christ. The aim of the model is that everybody is involved in a cell of 12 people, and that everybody becomes a leader, and runs a cell of 12 people. Everyone is ministered to and everyone is a minister.

G12 is a vision for leadership

    The name G12 stands for Government of 12 which emphasizes the leadership development aspect of the vision. Every Christian is a potential leader. We are all called to serve Jesus and to lead others to Him. Those who are leading cells are discipled in groups of 12 (like the 12 disciples of Jesus). Therefore everyone who ministers is also ministered to in this vision. That means there is proper accountability in all things.

G12 is a vision for multiplication

    This is one of the most exciting aspects of the vision. Jesus purpose for us is fruitfulness. He wants us to be successful in our lives. He calls us to be fruitful and multiply.

    In the G12 vision, the cell groups do not divide - instead they multiply. When a person becomes part of a cell they start to pray and fast for three non-Christians. One by one they are led to Christ and become part of the cell until that cell reaches 12. Then the multiplication takes place. Each person in the cell then starts to build a new cell. They continue to receive help, mentoring and encouragement from the original cell, but they also start their own cell. When all the members of the original cell have started their own new cell, the original cell becomes a G12 group. The G12 group is made up of leaders who have their own cells and meet for leadership training, to share about their progress, and for encouragement and support.

G12 is a vision for the Glory of God

    Something wonderful happens when God's people are mobilized. The superstar syndrome disappears and the work is done by all. The real heroes in this vision are the members of the church, not a handful of its super-anointed leaders. That way God can really get the glory. Signs, wonders, miracles and mighty deeds happen throughout the whole church and everyone has a part to play.

The G12 vision is a comprehensive one. And it will take some time before it is fully implemented. It will mean new initiatives and creative innovation in every area of our mission network, church and personal lives. It will bring unrecognizable transformation to the way we think about church fellowship and to the way we do things. The cost is high. We do not doubt it. But the rewards are going to be worth it.


The Vision

    To Win Souls and Make Disciples

The Goal

    To Make Every Believer a Leader

The Process


    The goal that we are aiming for is for every believer (old and new) to be discipled to the point that they become leaders of a new cell. Then they will begin to climb the ladder of success. It has four stages: Win, Consolidate, Disciple and Send.


    Prayer for Three

    Three believers make a covenant to form a cell group together. Each one of them  prays for 3 unsaved persons for 30 days. At this stage, cell groups operate as prayer cells.

    Friendship Evangelism

    After the 30-day Prayer for Three, each of the three pioneering members of the cell contacts and shares the Gospel to each of the 3 persons that he/she has prayed for.  Then, they invite them to the cell, a net meeting or a church service.

    Homogenous Cell Groups

        MenТs Network
        WomenТs Network
        Couples' Network
        Youth Network
        ChildrenТs Network

    Homogeneous groups allow people to learn and grow in the company of like-minded people who have the same needs, face the same challenges and share the same interests, identity and language. The gospel (evangelism and discipleship) travels fastest along these kinship or homogeneous lines.  This means that men are best equipped to reach out and disciple men, women best reach women, and so on.

    Homogenous Network Meetings

    Once a month, each of the 5 networks conduct an evangelistic meeting or service, where they invite new people to attend.  Topics and themes for the meetings are designed to meet the unique needs of each homogenous group.  At the end of the service, the sick (physically and emotionally) are ministered to, an altar call is made and souls are led to Christ.

    Sunday Services

     Sunday Services are worship and healing services in the Open Eyes Mission Network. The spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the people are met through the preaching of God's word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  The sick (physically and emotionally) are ministered to, an altar call is made and souls are led to Christ.



        To retain new believers
        To form the character of Christ in them
        To make them feel that their needs are met in the church

    The consolidation process is central to the success of the G12 strategy. In the Open Eyes Mission Network, all believers (old and new alike) are encouraged and taken through the consolidation process.

    At the end of each of the services and net meetings, the pastor or leader takes the whole congregation through the sinners' prayer and invites those who have made a first time commitment to come to the front. The consolidation team, which is made up of cell group leaders, joins the new believers. The new believers are then taken to a separate room and the process of consolidation begins.

    At this point personal details are recorded and the gospel is shared again to ensure that the new believer understand what has happened to him/her. The new believer is then told that someone will call him/her within two days to find out how he/she is doing. The responsibility of the consolidator is to ensure that the new believer is called within 48 hours and receives a personal visit within a week.

    The consolidation process continues through a series of basic Bible lessons called the Pre-Encounter and through a special weekend retreat called the Encounter.


    In the Pre-Encounter sessions, new believers study Bible lessons that related to his or her new life in Jesus. A leader personally takes the new believers through several teachings. These cover topics such as:

        The Gospel: Four Spiritual Laws
        The New Birth
        Principles of Deliverance
        Assurance of Salvation
        The Power of the Scriptures

     The aim of the Pre-Encounter is to prepare the believer for the Encounter.

    The Encounter


        To be assure new believers of their salvation
        For them to experience true repentance
        To break bondages and strongholds in their lives
        For them to receive inner (emotional) healing
        For them to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit
        For them to receive a vision for multiplication

    The Encounter usually takes place over a weekend at a retreat center. Before every Encounter, the new believer's cell group is encouraged to prepare itself with much prayer, fasting and spiritual warfare for those participating. Before the Encounter starts, the battle should have been won in the spiritual realm. This way, the cell member will surely have a remarkable Encounter with God.

    The Encounter is much more than just a three-day retreat, in a setting away from the normal distractions of life. It should be a time in the life of the believer when he or she will look back many times and remember - an encounter with Jesus!

    The aim of the Encounter is total transformation that will give birth to the character of Christ in the new believer. We all need a genuine Encounter with God in order to bring about a total transformation in our lives. It is also an Encounter with one's self, when new believers look inside their lives to see the changes that God wants them to make. Finally, the Encounter take them into the depth of the cell vision, making them reflect on the actual situation of the world and its desperate need of the Savior.

    Encounter deals with the following subjects and issues in depth:

        Breaking of Curses
        Inner Healing
        Baptism with Water
        Baptism with the Holy Spirit
        The G12 Vision.

    Another goal of the Encounter is for new believers to see the Lord face to face so that they are released from everything that hinders them in the ministry. The G12 vision regards everyone as a potential leader and the Encounter is a preparation for the training that takes place at the School of Leaders.


    After the Encounter the new believers go through another series of Bible lessons, which take them deeper into the Word and further consolidate their commitment to Christ. During these teaching sessions the new believer learns the following:

        How to Confront The World
        How To Talk With God
        Social Life
        The Word of God
        The Church
        Balanced Life
        Baptism Ц A Step of Obedience
        Music and its Influence
        How to Know GodТs Will


    Upon completion of the Post-Encounter lessons, consolidated believers are encouraged and led to begin the discipleship and equipping process in the School of Leaders. The School of Leaders imparts to them the necessary skills to be able to reproduce in others that which they have freely received form Jesus. They learn the foundations of Christian living, the importance of cell ministry, how to be a leader within a cell group and how to mentor others through the G12 vision.

    School of Leaders

    The School of Leaders prepares believers to fulfill ChristТs call upon their lives, thoroughly equipping them win souls, making disciples and multiply cell groups. The School of Leaders is a 30-week course broken into three semesters, with each semester ten weeks in length. The course covers three primary areas:




        The Old Man and the New Nature


        The Bible


        Water Baptism


        The Holy Spirit

        Laying of Hands

        Overcoming Obstacles



        Cells for Growth

        The Vision

        Personal Preparation

        Structure of a Cell

        Methodology of a Cell

        Strategy of a Cell

        Strategy for Success

        Motivation for Growth

        Problems in a Cell

        Choosing Leadership

        Leadership Relationship



        Meaning of a Leader

        The Calling

        Leadership Personality Ц1

        Leadership Personality Ц2

        Cost of Leadership

        Principles of Excellence

        Dangers of Leadership

        Types of Leadership

        Advice for Pastoring 1

        Advice for Pastoring 2

    In summary, the School of Leaders gives comprehensive and effective training for believers to discover and fulfill their calling in Christ within the G12 vision. After the School of Leaders, we continue to grow together, fulfilling ChristТs vision in the homes, families and communities of Cagayan De Oro City, Mindanao and the Philippines for the glory of God!



    The Re-Encounter is a commissioning weekend.  It takes place before the 2nd term of the School of Leaders.


        Responsibilities of a Christian before the World
        Healing The Wounded Spirit
        Self Esteem
        Closing Doors of Destruction
        The Three Nails of the Cross (How Jesus Died)
        Waging Spiritual Warfare

        Sexual Purity of a Leader

        Consecration Of a Leader

        Ethics of a Leader

        Living for the Harvest

        The Anointing of the Holy Spirit

    Cell Launch

    Before the 3rd term of the School of Leaders, the students are sent out to start their own cells.  Only those who successfully form a cell group with 3 members are admitted to the 3rd term of the School of Leaders.

    G12 Cells

    Those who successfully plant cells become members of a group of 12.  The G12 cell is made up of leaders who have their own cells and meet for leadership training, to share about their progress, and for encouragement and support.

    Multiplying Encounters

    Those who have a full group of 12 cell leaders under them can conduct their own Encounter Retreats.

    Multiplying School of Leaders

    Those who have 25 cells under them can enroll in the School of Teachers and open their own School of Leaders.


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